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  1. Includes two 6 oz pieces

  2. Includes nine pieces (2.5 lbs)

    Based in a strong desire to not be the meat equivalent of a baker’s dozen, we offer our Whole Chicken hand cut into “9” pieces as opposed to the standard “8” pieces many have come to expect. Besides which, we feel equally strongly that much flavor stands to be gained in any Stock or Jus that includes chicken backs.

  3. Includes a set of three 1 lb packs

    We offer a singular ground beef. The richest and most tender compound muscle on the entire carcass is the chuck - and therefore the muscle of choice for our Ground Beef. Limitless applications, robust flavor, and great texture and bite make it a household staple, ensuring its place at the table.

  4. Includes four 4 oz pieces

    Prepared in likeness to their white meat counter parts, our hand boned thighs are trimmed of all unwanted fat and sculpted into even portions. Dark Meat stands up nicely to the grill and will produce a delicious result every time.

  5. Includes four 4 oz pieces

    Few proteins are amenable to being prepared a different way every day of the year – our Boneless & Skinless Chicken Breasts are one such protein. Completely trimmed individual lobes of chicken are prepared, and await their fate.

  6. Includes two 8 oz pieces

  7. Includes one 18 oz. piece

    Few steaks embody the traditional steakhouse experience as does the Bone In Strip Loin (New York Bone In Strip, Shell Steak or Kansas City Steak). Cut only from the very center of the Strip Loin, they are crafted for enjoyment with a uniform and fine surrounding edge of cover to add sizzle to every bite. A “must have” in any responsible steak rotation.

  8. Includes four 4 oz pieces

    For our Grill Style ready Breasts we hand split each lobe into two equal halves to allow a bit more thickness while on the grill.

  9. Includes one 4 lb piece

    Venture the risk of trying something new once and enjoy the reward from that point on. Feel free to roast deeply, our Eye of Chuck roast loves to share its space in the roasting pan with garnishes, and its flavor with spices. Sure to become a comfort meal for all who experience it. We recommend having a good loaf of bread on hand - there will be juices you won’t want to waste.

  10. Includes two 8 oz pieces


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