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The Meritage™ Fundimentals


Represents the amount of Ribeye in the burger. The Ribeye has been selected as the muscle of choice.  Long regarded as the most coveted cut for its flavor and bite. In our opinion the single most impactful muscle for a burger. The Ribeye is the dominant ingredient in all Meritage™ burgers.



Pure Age™

Represents the amount of Pure Age™ presence in the burger. It is equivalent to the percentage of Ribeye in the mix. All Pure Aged Ribeye is derived from our steak cutting operation at 45-50 days.




Represents the amount of Chuck in the burger. The chuck has been selected as a core muscle because of its complexity, texture and juiciness. In our opinion among the best stand-alone muscles for a burger, surpassed only by the Ribeye.



Short Rib

Represents the amount of Short Rib in the burger. The Short Rib has been selected as a non-deviating main stay muscle because of its intense bold flavor and flakiness. It is the single most consistently performing muscle for a burger.




Represents the amount of Chef’s Gold™ in the burger. Chef’s Gold™ is a constant component in all Meritage™ burgers. Its composition and pure beef flavor provide the canvas on which all the muscles come together.