1. Includes two 6 oz pieces

  2. Includes a set of five 1 lb packs

  3. Includes a set of five 1 lb packs

  4. Includes 4 pieces (1 lb)

  5. Includes one 7-bone piece (16 lbs)

  6. Ideally suited for those large get-togethers or a no fuss middle of the week meal, the Loin Chop will do well at any meal not fortunate enough to be a steak night.

  7. An awakening for the senses, our skirt steak delivers superior taste and texture across all cooking mediums. An excellent option for large gatherings as a sampler to pass, or center of the plate for a Bistro experience.

  8. Includes one 8 lb piece

  9. Includes one 2 lb piece

  10. There are few times when we would opt for steak without the bone, vs. steak with the bone however our boneless Ribeye is an exception to the rule. For ease of cooking or the rare times when the accompaniments are so special they demand additional real estate on the plate, a boneless ribeye is the way to go. Fabrication Note: please let us know if you prefer the more marbled Chuck Side or more uniformly marbled Loin Side.

  11. Includes 8 + 8 pieces (2 lbs)

  12. Why compromise if you don’t have to? Form and function combine to create the Porterhouse Steak. Indulge alone or carve among those closest to you – the most difficult parts will be deciding how many to prepare and what to drink.

  13. Includes one 4 lb piece

  14. Includes one 4-bone piece (10 lbs)

  15. Includes one 3-bone piece (8 lbs)

  16. Certainly one of the most reliable performers on our menu is the Boneless Strip Steak. A crowd pleaser with ultimate versatility and cache to be an option every day of the week regardless of the occasion.

  17. Protected and isolated by Nature’s design, prominent characteristics of tenderness and delicate flavor have evolved in the tenderloin. Our filets, precisely crafted, exude the qualities so coveted in steak eating.

  18. When just the right amount of steak is needed, a split bone rib steak will always do the trick. By hand, we meticulously split each rib bone in half to create the finished product. There are few things we dislike as much as a rib steak without an evenly cut bone in it. Perfect for individual portions at the family table or for entertaining larger groups of VIP’s (friends & family). Warning – a favorite among growing children, adolescents and teenagers


  19. Includes two 4 oz pieces

    Although last, certainly not least when we cut our tenderloins. Enjoying all of the attributes of its more well-known counterpart - the Filet Mignon, the tenderloin tail offers optimal performance and value.

  20. Includes one 8 oz piece

    The low lying “fruit” of steak. As the name suggests this muscle demands immediate attention when we cut, as it’s the first you encounter when approaching the loin complex. A core small format steak for any meal.

  21. Includes one 46 oz piece

    There are times when only full format will do. At such moments few selections will do and fewer still will “out do” our long bone rib steak.

  22. Includes one 32 oz piece

    A staple in our house, and the weekly personal choice of one of the owner/operators for his family is our solid bone rib steak. Following anatomical guidelines, this steak is cut to satisfy true steak lovers or carved for a sharing dish amongst children and adults. It has come to be affectionately referred to by our team as a “JK Rib Steak.”

  23. Includes one 16 oz piece

    The only thing better than Filet Mignon is Filet Mignon on the bone. The old adage of “less is more” does not hold true in this instance. The “more” being represented by the bone, adds to the otherwise almost perfect experience.

  24. Includes one 18 oz. piece

    Few steaks embody the traditional steakhouse experience as does the Bone In Strip Loin (New York Bone In Strip, Shell Steak or Kansas City Steak). Cut only from the very center of the Strip Loin, they are crafted for enjoyment with a uniform and fine surrounding edge of cover to add sizzle to every bite. A “must have” in any responsible steak rotation.

  25. Includes two 24 oz. pieces

    Typically utilized by professional chefs as an alternative to filet mignon, but also when performance is non-negotiable. Its incredible flakiness and intense flavor will leave your guests asking….”what was that?” Perfectly accompanied by polenta, couscous or any other sophisticated starch.

  26. Includes one 4 lb piece

    Historically a favorite for good reason. There isn’t much that can be improved on our Boneless Tenderloin Roast. Crafted and tied to uniformity in shape to ensure even cooking, the hardest part will be determining how thick the slices should be.

  27. Includes a set of three 1 lb packs

    We offer a singular ground beef. The richest and most tender compound muscle on the entire carcass is the chuck - and therefore the muscle of choice for our Ground Beef. Limitless applications, robust flavor, and great texture and bite make it a household staple, ensuring its place at the table.

  28. Includes three 1 lb pieces

    Compeltely trimmed tender pieces of our Boneless Veal Stew are derived from the chuck complex. Cut to a good size, with the exception that they'll fall apart as you attempt to serve them from the pot.

  29. Includes one 3 lb piece

    The very best part of the shoulder complex, its uses are limitless - a solid block segment of some of the softest and tastiest meat you can imagine. Sublime on a rotisserie or treated to any other slow and steady method of cooking, it will exceed expectations.

  30. Includes one 6 lb piece

    A square cut section of the richest part of the carcass. Our Bone In Shoulder Butt is best when time is taken to help it reach its maximum potential.

  31. Includes one 8-bone piece (5 lbs)

    The richest part of the loin, our Rack Roast is carefully removed from the bone - which is then inverted to serve as a catch basin for all the natural juices, and ultimately tied for ease of preparation and for guidance during carving.

  32. Includes four 6 oz pieces

    Our Loin Medallions are deboned and cut from the center of the loin. Thin enough to be pan seared and thick enough for the grill pan or broiler, they are always on the menu.

  33. Includes three 1 lb pieces

    Well prepared to absorb all that you wish to add to them, our pieces of Lamb Stew will allow for the most expedited slow cooked meal one can hope for.

  34. Includes one 2 lb piece

  35. Includes two 8 oz pieces

  36. Includes two 4 oz pieces

  37. Includes four 4 oz sticks

  38. Includes four 4 oz sticks

  39. Includes four 4 oz sticks

  40. Includes four 4 oz sticks

  41. Includes four 4 oz sticks

  42. Includes two 8 oz pieces

  43. Includes two 8 oz pieces

  44. Includes four 18 oz pieces

    Few cuts have demanded the attention of chefs both professional and at home - to practice techniques and challenge cooking times, temperatures, and viscosities of what makes a good sauce. Entertaining, to say the least when observing the purely subjective presented as fact – in the debates over whose grandmother or cook book has the better recipe. Our center cut portions are cut to inspire time in the kitchen - and at the table.

  45. Includes one 4 lb piece

    Our Rack of Veal Roast is trimmed to ensure knives will only be used to cut the strings, separate the chops, and lastly - by each guest as they carve to delight in. A traditional favorite fit to adorn any feast table.

  46. Includes 4 four oz pieces

    Our uniformly thin sliced cutlets are the basis for your authentic dishes, ranging from Schnitzel to Veal Milanese and everything in between. Crafted from the Veal Top Round for a pure muscle profile free of sinew or connective tissues and renowned for brittle tenderness.

  47. Includes two 10 oz pieces

    For those who like their protein to be classic and refined, our Bone-In Strip Loin Chop achieves both. Classic because it’s a Strip and refined because it’s our Veal. A unique cut produced to deliver a quality over quantity eating experience.

  48. Includes two 18 oz pieces

    Whether beginning from the strip side or the filet side of our Veal Porterhouse Chop, there will always be the opportunity to save the best for last. The best of course being the meat closest to the bone on either side.

  49. Inludes two 12 oz pieces

    Choose our Loin Veal Chop and experience the perfect marriage of form and function. Tailored for expediency of preparation and value, they make an attractive option at any meal or gathering.

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